Apparently he "love's me" should I believe it?

Apparently he

So today Tom at my work said "Jordan loves you, that boy would do anything for you" I replied saying "no he doesn't or why did you tell me he told you he doesn't want to be with me" he said "trust me I know theses things, he tells me stuff sometimes he tells me he's been crying himself to sleep over the because your over him, he just doesn't like to admit it in front of all the lads". I still refused to believe and thought he was just taking the piss. So he asked Jordan right in front of me if he loved me and he just walked straight pass use and said "go get hit by a train Tom".
I just laughed it off but later I started to think about it and I can believe it slightly about what he said about how he'd do anything for me. Seriously I could ask him to jump and he'd say how high he does everything for me and I've mentioned before but I thought I might of overheard him talking about me to the others and saying that he loved me.

I'm not believing any of it for now. My work are having a big boat party soon and the night before the boy's are going out on the town I'm not invited and usually when I'm not invited that means their on the pull but Jordan's the only single one so they will probably be trying to help him get a girl all night. If he goes off with another girl I know it to be utter ball shit.

P. S. sorry for my constant questions involving my boy drama. I can imagine people are starting to get board of it because I am myself.
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Also this guy who usually works in office was working with us today, he's always outrageously flirts with me. Jordan gets extremely jealous when were together he just awkwardly laughs and butts in to the conversation.

The flirty guy asked if I'd come out tomorrow night with some of the other boys. In the end I agree and gave him my phone number, he was being really flirty over text by time Jordan looked mega pissed and asked why he wasn't invited. In the end I decided not to go, Jordan looked
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Jordan looked relived
Apparently he "love's me" should I believe it?
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