I slept with my guy friend, now he is being different?

The whole thing is wrong, & I feel very guilty for it!
We've been friends for like 8 months. We hit it off right away - we had loads in common & the same humour. I used to hang out with him, his friends & fam like once a week but I used to talk to him everyday. He has a girlfriend who I've never met, but he had told me that he was unhappy with her but felt like he couldn't leave due to reasons I won't go into.
Like a month ago, we hung out alone. Like I said, we used to hang out all the time but with others. Even though we were with them, we would always end up in the corner alone. This time, it was different. I always felt there was a little spark, but dismissed it as he has a girlfriend & I didn't think i felt that way? We spent the whole day together, talking & laughing. We ended up having a few drinks. It was clear that there were feelings & tension between us, one thing led to another & we ended up having sex. I felt so guilty after, & knew it was wrong.
Ever since, it's awkward between us? We know it can't happen again, as it was wrong. But weve not spoke about it, to clear the air & go forward. I still see him/speak to him nearly everyday but there is an awkwardness between us & it's alway a brief chat. I hung out with him & his bro last week, he was friendly at 1st but when I was talking to his bro (while he was on the phone) he got moody. Then we walked to our cars, I was talking to his bro again & he just said bye blunty & walked off. It's like he is mad at me... sometimes when im with him he won't look at me but then other times he is all smiles & staring. He'll walk past my work, look in & wave. He'll come in & get food from me (I work in a cafe.) Its like he still wants to be friends? If I text him, he will reply immediately with a question then won't reply back to my reply. Its confusing. I'm not sure what to do, I want us to be friends again? It shouldn't of happened, as he has a girlfriend. What am I meant to do? I want my friend back & his actions don't make sense to me.
I slept with my guy friend, now he is being different?
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