Why would he say I was intimidating?

I was looking for my 4th grade classmates, we were all very united. Anyway, I found one of my classmates on fb and I sent him a message to see how he is and how is his life. The thing is that when I told him “my name is Ann, we were in the same class in 4th grade” he went like “Holy Smokes 😂😂 Okay yeah I remember you”...”You were really quiet... and intimidating 😂😂😂”... at that point I just told him it was not my intention to be mean if I was ever mean to him and he was like “it’s totally ok, we were kids in a new country”... yet he kept saying the same thing throughout the conversation!

I just don’t understand why would he say I was intimidating when I was very quiet and shy... I have been called this before by other guys and it has never made any sense! How is quiet converted into intimidating?

can someone please explain what exactly he means by intimidating?
Why would he say I was intimidating?
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