Why would a good guy friend just DELETE me on snapchat?

This was my guy friend over school, he was ALWAYS the one to initiate conversation and hanging out after school I never initiated. He showed signs of liking me by flirting, calling me cute and beatiful, always smiling at me and always pops up in my classes even when he doesn’t take any classes of mine. HE RECENTLY GOT A NEW GF!!! I leave him on read and I always take forever to respond and i’m late whenever we hang out and I cancel a lot to show i don’t like him like that (but i do). Why does he always ask ME to hang out and not his girl? Recently he asked me to hang out with him before he leaves on a trip for summer i said i have plans he asked “Why i’m always hanging out with this other dude and not him :/“ and he seemed all bummed out and shit so I hung out with him smh when we hung out it was all weird since I was reserved. When he left I snap chatted saying “See ya soon!” he never replied. About a week later I posted a lot of snaps to my story in one day saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my one friend and I was all outgoing and having fun in the pics (which I never was with him) he’s always the FIRST to view my story and then he deleted me after the post. I’m usually the one to delete guys on snapchat so this is a first lmao. But we were pretty close friends and had good times and i’m wondering why he’s willing to throw it all away just like that? Now i’m starting to wonder was i playing TOO hard to get? was he jealous or does he hate me now or something? Like did he have feelings for me or NO feelings enough to just get rid of me? Should I ask him why he deleted me or just let it be and how soon? I don’t get it and I don't know what to do... and it’s getting to my head!!! Need help tysm!!! xoxo
1 y
I forgot to mention before I posted shit on my story he asked me “Hey can you pick me up from the airport in a week from now? :)” and I took FOREVER to respond and I felt bad bout it but i said “Cant” and he left me on read then I posted the snap saying Happy bday on my story then he just SMACKDAB DELETED ME! (thank you so much if you read all this)
Why would a good guy friend just DELETE me on snapchat?
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