He said 'hopefully it will be love at first sight' when we meet? Does it mean anything?

I've been talking to a guy for a while - we met 2 months ago and haven't had a chance to meet in person due to clashing schedules. We were both initially away for work and couldn't meet but as of late, its my schedule that is the hectic one. I've cancelled and rescheduled a few times but he has always been forgiving about it until the last one. He's not the most expressive person but would check-in before scheduled dates and seems to be getting more comfortable with me over text.
E. g only ever used the classic smileys but after a while, it was the kiss face emoji.

Anyways, I've explained my recent flakiness and told him things are crazier now as I'm going away for work. I think he assumed it was permanently (as i did mentioned I'd like to move away sometime) and told me that is really far and asked if that is what I wanted. I told him it was for 2 months ish and he said that is quite brief and that it will be fun. He also told me to let him know when exactly I'd be back/ available for a meet.

I told him the details and he said hopefully it will be love at first sight then?

Is that a passing comment with no meaning to it or is it reflective of how much he likes me/wants this to go somewhere?

I've been trying hard to find signs of him being a player as he has the makings of it but am drawing a blank.
Yes - he realised that he really likes you from talking to you this while time and hopes this would go somewhere
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Nah he is just being flirty - guys say that at this stage all the time
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He said 'hopefully it will be love at first sight' when we meet? Does it mean anything?
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