Does he like me?

So, I met this guy through a mutual friend. I’d heard a lot about him and had all kinds of prejudices about him. However, once we met at his get together we started talking, and he seemed really sweet. That same night/morning at 4am we all went for a walk, the sun was coming up and he and I walked ahead of the others and talked. Suddenly we found ourselves alone, the others had left, and we were way ahead of them - we thought, oh well, they probably decided to go back, no biggie - and kept walking, had a great time chatting.
We went to this fast food place and he offered to pay for my food. Then he talked about how sweet I’d sounded and how much he’d looked forward to meeting me, and how he wanted to impress me and make a good impression (we were a little tipsy btw). He then tried to impress me by showing off, eating hot food and wanting me to feel his biceps and results of working out, haha. Afterwards we kept on talking and decided to go back home at some point around 5am. However, I was really cold. He asked me if I was okay, I said I was freezing a bit - so he gave me his jacket.
Agter that night we’ve talked a bit and met once while my friend was with us (it’s been 2 weeks), but today I found out through my friend (a girl by the way, but she’s got a boyfriend) that he’s been asking her about me and about my standard for guys, how high they are. She then told him that I have quite high standards (which I do) and he seemed really dissatisfied, said “crap” and told her not to tell me he’d asked - something she did, though, of course. But now I’m confused? I’m not so great at hints or anything, or flirting but do you guys think he likes me? Or is he just being a perfect gentleman and a great friend who seems interested? I’m so confused, and I really like him, he’s honestly the sweetest but I don’t know if I feel anything for him - though I must admit, he had nice muscles, haha.
SO HELP! What should I do, and does he seem interested?
Does he like me?
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