What does his change mean?

-met guy 6 weeks ago online, started flirting/ kinda sexting
-told him boundaries, no nudes, was okay with it but wanted me to show a little more of myself and got a little frustrated
- He told me he was attached to me and liked having a girl like me in his life, etc but things were pretty sexual most of the time (for 2-3 afters we met)
-One time, I got mad at him for not texting me for a week and without an explanation. He suggested we stopped talking but I said I wanted to talk to him. He admitted to being anti social towards everyone sometimes
-We didn't argue about it again. He was really suggestive about having sex with me and talking to me over the phone.
-Kinda possessive over me, likes to say I'm his
-Calls me slut (during sexting) , little one, babe, hot, beautiful, sexy on a regular basis
Now (4-6 weeks after we first met)
-He posted a story on snapchat about having a panic attack
-I comfort him and tell him that there are lots of people there for him, etc
-He tells me he appreciates me and glad I'm his
-I start showing off my humorous and silly side
-He says "You're a potato, love"
Today I sent a video of my blowing him a kiss and said "That's for you daddy (flirty emojis)" and he says "haha, thank you :) "
-Calls me little one, little girl, love, adorkable, hot beautiful, etc. Practically never calls me slut anymore.
-Also hasn't sexted me in like 2 weeks. But we still flirt, kinda talk about sex, and talk about meeting and phone calls and taking me ON A PROPER DATE!!!
What does his change mean?
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