What does this guy want from me?

(Were 17/18) it all started when he randomly slid up on my snap story and commented something. We started a streak he would ask me like wyd and I'd reply to be nice and be like wbu. Weird bc I didn't know him at all my friends didn't rlly know him not rlly similar social circles. In my grade but also school just ended so that was also weird. We r seniors in high school prom is coming up but I told him I'm not going. He kept talking to me after that.
Then he asked me to hang a few times I couldn't. I told him he could chill w me and friends somewhere. He came w a friend and left after 10 mins bc it was so awk. kept talking to me snapping/texting. Td asked if I wanted to chill tomm. "Just me and him". two of my friends I asked about him 1 said he's a fuckboy. The other said he's maybe a fuckboy but chill.

I don't know this feels sus. Do u think he just wants to hook up or is actually into me? Or just wants to be friends
What does this guy want from me?
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