So tell me if this makes sense to y'all or not?

But I just get so suspicious and skeptical at times, btws moving on. So me and this one individual, we kind of a thing for one another, back in 2014, when the feelings was Mutual and I was clear on his attentions and how he felt for mr, but we never dated. So as we continue to keep talking and growing and learning about each other, we gotten pretty close, and that turnt friend being acquaintance, to friend's, to lovers, and then just straight up friends with benefits. And him and I've been known each other for a few years now, so anything and everything he do I should be used to it by now. But anyways that was just a summary on that part. Now fast-forward in up to now. We had an argument over something so stupid a few months ago, and he was being so childish salty and cold. This was really like our second argument that we have had knowing one another. I feel like the first argument back in 2016 was more brutal. Btws let's keep it going, so during the argument stage when we stop bickering and start listening to one another. I felt that it was best, that we need a space to clear the air between us, in the proper type of closure. Neither one of us didn't want to do it, but I felt it was best. Then February, on Valentine's Day I was pretty calm down and relax, thinking he was too. So I wished him a happy Valentine's Day, and he was being so immature and childish. So I had no choice but to leave it alone officially, and walked away. So at that point there was no contact between us, then out the blue just last week he hits me up month's later. And I was kind of like confused a little, because you want to be salty one moment an act like you don't want to be bother with, then months later return. So I waited a few weeks or so or day maybe the most, and accepted his message request. Read updates to question to continue more of the story.
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He wrote what are you doing, so I waited hours before replying to him, and I remember around 2 a. m. in the morning. I asked him what he wanted, then he wrote back around like 3 a. m. And said, let's get up sometime. So at that point I didn't respond or anything. More curious, so my question is: why did he wait months to get in touch with me, and why did he want to hang out AKA get up sometimes. I'm just so confused and lost when. Any advice?
So tell me if this makes sense to y'all or not?
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