I don't know what happened?

I met this guy a month ago. He's talkative, confident, just bursting with energy and I'm very low key. In spite of that, he liked me and had been texting me almost non-stop for weeks on end. I usually hate that but he's soo goofy, it's cute. He's told everybody about me. He's given me flow charts of his dog's family tree. Periodically, he gets a little low and thinks he's not a good person but he's really sweet and genuine.
Anyway, he invited me to this party he was having with his friends over the weekend. I knew a few of them (some very frat boy types), and I'd be the only girl crashing an 'all boys' party. I said I thought they'd have a better time without me so they could have a boy's night and my friends have been neglected so they want me to hang with them. He kept offering, but I told him it'd be better if we could find something to do with both sets of friends at a later date and talked about doing a group hang at the movies.
Suddenly, he ghosted me. He doesn't seem mad, but he doesn't want to talk to me either. What the heck?
I don't know what happened?
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