Guys, How long should I wait to text?

So I met a man online a few weeks ago. We seem to hit it off and after two weeks of texting and talking on the phone we met up.

It seemed to go good. I was nervous. You know that awkward first meeting jitters, lol. We made out. Didn’t hook up. That was never the intention though. We both made it clear that’s not what we were aiming for.

Anyways. The night ended. He didn’t even like hug me goodbye or kiss me goodbye. But then again I just kinda took off.

I don't know. It’s been 2 days and I haven’t heard anything from him. Is it too soon to text him just to say hey. I kinda figured if it went well in his head he woulda texted or called by now. That’s always been my experience when I’ve went out on dates before.

What do you guys think?
Guys, How long should I wait to text?
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