What does he want? Does he like me or is he just being nice? Is he playing me?

Me and this guy only see each other once a week at the drama class. I used to like one of his best mates and at one party I decided to seek advice from him. He advised me not to tell him that I like him because he was going away and it would be worse. At the end of that same night, the guy I liked tried to hook up with me but I just pushed him away.

At a friend's party, this guy who gave me advice was sort of tipsy/drunk when he approached me: "You gotta chose between me and X (his friend)". He started asking me if I still liked that guy and that they weren't friends anymore. At some point I asked him what he thinks of me: "I think you're a great person. You're always truthful to who you are and I admire you very much. Actually, I respect you. When I see you on stage I think you are amazing and you improved your technique quite well. However, you should put yourself out there you have no reason to be insecure. I would never say this to you if I weren't drunk but I think you should know. People like me often have to fake who we are to fit in, I admire the fact that you don't do that. I find it attractive too" After this I asked him what he wanted and he answered: "nothing"

He was lingering on to me and flirting. I could tell he wanted to kiss me. We cuddled a bit on the sofa at some point. At the end of the night, when I was going away, he went quiet but then started repeatedly screaming: I love you. Now, every time we see each other on Saturdays he is always near me when I'm talking to other people and trying to steal glances at me.

The other day, he was walking towards me to go to the studio. He checked me out before getting closer then he pretended he didn't see me. Then we stopped to say hi and he asked me about rehearsals and then I asked him about another play he is doing and at the end he said in a joking hesitating way: "oh I hope I'll see you there" and I said to him "yes I am going". He seemed to get rather tense and just said "okay cool, I'll see you".
What does he want? Does he like me or is he just being nice? Is he playing me?
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