Gave him my number but no contact after a week?

Gave my number to a guy who I chat to every now and then. He mentioned he was interested in me and really liked talking to me. His mates said he was really interested in me too so took a leap of faith and gave him my number (not something I usually do)... my crush has not made contact in over a week. I found this very confusing.

A mutual friend of ours recently said my name dropped into their convo and my crush mentioned I gave him my number but has not used it and likely not too. He didn't mention why but instead said that he knows he will see me soon and not looking forward to the awkward chat about not using my number. The mutual friend also mentioned to me that I shouldn't get my hopes up because me and my crush are not going to go anywhere. Hearing this made me feel awful and very embarrassed. Literally felt sick. I'm also actually a little pissed off too but if he doesn't like me then nothing I can do. So, decided to back off and continue with my life.

Anyway, I bumped into my crush today and walked past him. He said hi nervously and I returned it nicely but continued walking off. I did not stop for fluffy chit chat/flirts and he seemed really shocked by this. Saw him a few times after later in the day and he was staring at me - a lot. I caught his gaze a few times and he gave me blank angry glares. I smiled politely but got nothing back. Just a glare. Not sure why he is acting like this coz surely this is what he wanted? What did he expect? He knowingly ignored me so I backed off. Did him a favour so why the death stares?
Gave him my number but no contact after a week?
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