What makes you avoid people?

I've been trying to give someone the benefit of the doubt. We were talking on social media and then it came to an abrupt stop lol. One day he was talking then next I couldn't get a hold of him. Still haven'tšŸ‘Ž
BUT... I notice he isn't talking to anyone, not just me. When he posts a status or picture and someone comments on it, he hasn't been joking or talking back to anyone like he normally does.
So maybe he has something personal going on, so maybe I shouldn't be taking it personal.

I'll answer my own question
I usually avoid people cause I need alone time for myself. I'm introverted AF. I'm a loner and I find peace alone. I'm much more lonely in groups of people as opposed to being alone. I live in own little world all the time. I hate people most days to be honest.
What makes you avoid people?
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