What should I say to him?

Met a guy online. Never met in person. We stopped talking for a month (all my fault). Now I’m weasling my way back in. He talks to me but not as much as before by any means. im confused.
Why would he talk to me at all if he doesn’t care?
Why won’t he give into me like before?
Why is he being so hard to get?

What should i say to him? I’m trying to find out if he still wants me... apparently he’s “really busy right now and he’s sorry”
so he talks to me when he can...
i also don’t care about other girls. There’s no competition.
1 y
No no no, I didn’t ghost him. We stopped talking because I flipped out on him and went crazy. Lol. But he’s talking to me again but he’s just not giving me his undivided attention. I hate competition. I have made is SO CLEAR I wanna see him but he’s not giving into me yet. I don't know if he’s playing games, being a dick and leading me on, or there’s another girl...
1 y
Am I being an idiot talking to him again? I see potential in him... I don't know. Like why bother talking to me
What should I say to him?
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