What is he thinking? Should we not have hooked up?

A guy friend of mine and I were recently hanging out and he was touching my arm and I asked what he wanted to do. He said he was just going to wait and see what I wanted to do and I asked if he wanted to make out. He seemed really surprised and asked if I wanted to talk about that first. I said I didn’t really want to talk and so we just went for it. (After a little bit, I stopped and asked if HE wanted to talk about it and he said that he was fine just going ahead without talking...)

It was generally really fun and sexy. We didn’t have intercourse, but we did a lot of other enjoyable things to get each other off.

I am confused about how I feel about him, which is why I didn’t want to talk beforehand. Now, though, I feel even more confused. At times he seemed really animalistic and just turned on and into it and at other times he was being kind of... cutesy? He didn’t talk to me like other guys do — he didn’t admire my body or tell me how beautiful I am. So I guess I Just figured he was into sexy times in general, rather than being into ME. Which is fine for me because I am not looking for a relationship, but I feel like he wants ME to define the relationship for him.

Every time I would pause to catch my breath, he would ask me what I was thinking and I’d just say I was having fun and wasn’t really thinking. He’d comment that I was really difficult to read, but it’s not like he was any easier to read, so...

I’m just really confused because I feel like I am supposed to be communicating something to him, but I don’t feel like he is communicating anything to me... so why is it my job to start talking about feelings and what this means for our relationship?

Any advice? Am I doing the wrong thing here?
What is he thinking? Should we not have hooked up?
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