Is he being serious with me or something else?

Texting this guy for 2 months, he is sexual with me/ flirts with me and tells me what he wants to do to me. He makes it super obvious he likes me:
-Asking me to talk to him over the phone
-Offering to take me on a proper date
-Says that I'm all his and that I will fit perfectly in his arms
-Tell me how much he wants to meet me ( We plan on meeting each other in a year)
-tons of nicknames

I'm worried that he is overexagerating. Someone suggested that he's
A) obsessed with me and realy likes me or
B) doing everything to keep me but doesn't realy like me that much.

I don't send him nudes or anything like that, but our interactions were mostly physical. sexual at the beginning. I know it frustrates him that he can't do things to me in real life. He likes to keep me updated on the things going on in his life, he tells me when he appreciates me during his tough times, and he seems to worry about me. He teases me and pushes my buttons and is silly around me sometimes. He seems affectionate and doesn't offer sexual stuff everyday now. He snapchats me with things he is doing throughout the day. Is this serious or just sexual?
He's serious with you
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1 y
Also, today he was like planning out our future. He said that when we meet and if I like him, then he's offer for me to live with him
Is he being serious with me or something else?
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