Why has he not texted back?

Saturday night I went to the bar with a girl friend. I saw an old friend that used to be a regular customer of mine. He also used to date someone I'm no longer friends with, so we know each other fairly well. We would chat a bit and chill separately with our own friends. Well he asked for my number and called me after it was saved to insure I had his number as well. Periodically he would dance with me. He did ask me to come back to his place after the bar (several times) but he was far too drunk for that to happen. Later that night, he came up to me and kissed/made out with me. So 2 days later, Monday, I texted him. It will Friday in 1.5 hrs and I have yet to receive a reply. Why?
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I forgot to mention he is 7 years younger and I chalk it up to youth and inexperience. I'm not upset that things didn't happen. I mean he is a nice guy and could potentially be a great friend.
Why has he not texted back?
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