Is my ex not doing well or is he just an asshole?

I’m worried my ex is not doing well, but than sometimes I tell myself he might be bdhaning like that just because is an asshole.

in the last stages we were doing long distance, that got us extremely close as friends. He’s very closed when it comes to emotions and I know I was the only person he could open up with.

he had an emotionally difficult childhood, growing up with nannies and not seeing his parents very often, than as a teenager his family had to leave their homeland because of war and they lost all their money.

We didn’t have a real break up, he more or less ghosted me, but insisted many times he wanted us to be friends. I asked for a no contact period. Months later we had a text exchange and I heavily called him out on the way he had behaved. I don’t know when he read my message, maybe even the day after, but I know a few hours after I sent it he had a car accident. Nothing bad but he still ended up in hospital. He’s extremely sensitive and I know there’s a chance he was in distress because of my message and had the accident because he couldn’t concentrate.

anyways since than he’s furious at me, I tried to make up but he's been pushing me away aggressively. It’s not really something the person I know would do. He’s told me to “please not try to make up and please not try to contact him” and if I want to be friends to let him be for now.

all of his friends are traveling, he’s not because he doesn’t have money. He started dating a friend of his who he never found attractive before, not sure if a rebound.

I follow him on Spotify and he only listen to sad music and after the accident he started listening to a lot of break up music.

I dont know if he's so ahgressive and refused to talk because he’s an asshole or because he’s not doing well. We have mutual friends but they are scattered around the world and I can’t ask them.
Is my ex not doing well or is he just an asshole?
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