MEN, why won’t he block me?

So this guy I used to talk to... we adored each other. He adored me so much. For five months. I felt something not going to lie... well he met my crazy side. I left him alone for a month and a half... messaged him again. We talked but at a very minimal. He is talking to me very little.

I was happy he even spoke to me after I went psycho on him. So we talked for like a week on and off.
Well this week he just read my one message and didn’t answer...

So I went on a texting rampage. Lol. I messaged him like ten twelve times. But... just asking him why he would start talking to me again if he had no plans on keeping it up. I told him I miss talking to him and wanna see him. I told him I don’t enjoy looking crazy but I would love to know why you talked to me again just to stop out of nowhere... before that I was like okay since you want to ignore me just block me...

He won’t block me! Which makes me think he is playing games with me because any other guy would just block me.

But all of the messages weren’t “crazy”.
They had substance. I just miss him.

So guys, why do you think he won’t block me?
1 y
Do you think it’s because he literally just doesn’t care and has no intentions on talking to me or seeing me again?
MEN, why won’t he block me?
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