Can you really feel it with someone and then the next minute not?

So I’ve been talking to this guy for the last two month. Well a few days ago he told me that he likes someone else. If that wasn’t enough of a whammy, he told me that he felt that we we’re total opposites and have nothing in common. He knew we were opposites before and there didn’t seem to be an issue and then he was the one that said it blew his mind of how much we had in common. It’s like he’s trying to downplay the kind of connection we have. We haven’t met yet he is someone who I came across on an app but he is a really sweet guy. We’ve agreed to stay friends, for me he does still mean a lot to me. We have been talking for two months so I’m not sure why it took such a long time for him to figure this out. We actually have a lot in common than he’s willing to admit. I was surprised myself how much we had in common. I just feel like if he really felt that way, it wouldn’t have taken this long to realize it. Is he scared of the connection we have? He did say the way him and I talk all day everyday he couldn’t do with his ex and then pretty early on he said the way with how tjkmfs
started with us is how they started with his ex. He thinks this is all too good to be true and that he doesn’t want to be hurt again. He already knew how I felt about him so I know it’s not that. I even got into a spill about what I feel for him and want to be for him. Why would he have this random change of heart? Could he possibly change his mind one day? It’s so abrupt.
Can you really feel it with someone and then the next minute not?
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