Really confused by a guy’s behaviour. Any ideas?

There was a guy at work I had a big crush on. I joined Snap Chat. He said he would show me how it works, added me. Within days we were talking about liking each other. Then chatting got sexual. Within a month we were sleeping together. It felt right. We had intense sexual chemistry & we really clicked. We kept saying the same thing when we were together, it was so odd but funny! Felt like it could go somewhere. But then he backed off so suddenly.

So I asked why. He said he just wanted to be friends whilst he worked out what he wanted. He said he had anxiety when it comes to serious relationships. I understood, agreed to be just friends but wait for him to decide. Told him I had feelings, he said he genuinely cared about me too. Said I would wait because I liked him but not pressure him. And that’s what I did! I only acted like a friend.

We constantly chatted for the 3 months (sometimes till 2am) but that’s all we did. It was never sexual like it was in the early days. Although he said stuff like I looked hot when I wore a certain outfit. We only saw each other at work, he never made plans to see me outside of work. He flirted a bit and it started confusing me because he wouldn’t tell me how he felt about me. But he kept his life really private from me and wouldn’t talk to me about anything other than silly/random stuff. Never asked how my day was going. No questions to get to know me. Nothing about himself. He started becoming more and more distant in the last few weeks.

So I started feeling like he didn’t really care about me so I said I just wanted to be friends & I was no longer going to wait for him to get over his Anxiety or whatever. Told him that I had real feelings for him & felt he didn’t feel the same about me. Felt like emotionally, he was unavailable. Now he’s stopped talking to me altogether. He hasn’t spoken to me outside work in a week.

Any ideas welcome. And what to do next? Thank you
Really confused by a guy’s behaviour. Any ideas?
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