Why do people ghost?

For example a girl was talking to this guy that showed a lot of interest, they would talk from the time they wake up to when they fall asleep everyday for a few months. They had a lot in common & he admitted he liked her then all of a sudden, the girl messaged him and the message went to delivered. He didn’t read it but was on social media liking pictures and posting and didn’t answer or read her message for nearly 4 days. He still hasn’t even read it. So what would make him ghost all of a sudden?


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  • Got interested in someone else. While he was chatting with you he was probably chatting with other girls as well so.

    • We played the truth game and we made it clear we would be 100% honest, so he asked me how many guys am I talking to and I said 2 which was him and one other guy and I asked him the same thing and he said 1 girl which was me. He said it was too much work talking to more than one girl and was the loyal type so I don’t know

    • At the time it may have been true, but he might have met someone else after that.

  • He has a girlfriend

    • he doesn’t though lmao

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    • I live in the south and he lives in the east of London and because of school, he wanted to see me this summer. I still have school until this week and he kept saying that he wants us to hang out and go to the arcade or go karting etc. But we would literally talk everyday & would reply instantly

    • I suspect there's someone else

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