Guys, We crossed paths again?

We were friends for a while.. I asked him on a date things got messy a little
And he ended up telling me that it wasn't a good idea for a date and the pressure of family work etc.. so I said cool okay we'll be friends
Then he deleted me off snapchat and I said the friendship was over.. we having spoken since the beginning of may..

I seen him for the first time in the gym yesterday I didn't notice him at first I saw him kept my head down and countined my work out
He didn't walk away from me he just kept looking at his phone
He didn't move he worked out near me

I'm not sure if he regrets what happened I know i do it was a bit silly..

I think about him... i haven't seen him or spoken to him in about a month and a half.
I saw two magpies before all this happened

What should I do? Should I follow him on instagram again?
Guys, We crossed paths again?
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