Did I completely screw things up with him?


I have been (online) talking to a guy for about 6 months, he’s showed clear interest in me (flirting, etc). It’s gotten more intense lately, as he tells me things like that he doesn’t want me to talk about this other guy or gets a little pissy once I do. His friends also constantly tell me about how much he talks about me. He’s faked things that I assume are meant to make me jealous, sent me photos of girls that he obviously hasn’t taken or telling me about these girls.

I have forgiven someone who hurt me intensely just for his sake, I have joined back in this person’s community just because he asked me to. I have been there through all of his hard times and supported him through everything. He’s also been with me through a hard time, although he stopped talking to me all of a sudden through that period..

So I took it into my own hands and explained my feelings for him, and what I got in response was “Oh uhm.. well I’m not surprised, you’ve hinted it. Well, I don’t know.” Then he didn’t talk to me for about a week.

Now, four weeks later, he’s constantly messaging me and almost being clingy. He sends the same hearts he does, tells me I’m beautiful, but at the same time the thought of him makes me want to cry more than anything else.

Have I fucked it up? What if all he wants from me is to be friends?
Did I completely screw things up with him?
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