He came for me?

I like him and he used to like me but he's mad with me now and acts aloof and pissed off.

So 2 weeks ago this guy saw me from afar (he was sitting outside with his mates) and I saw him walk towards the main building of our university as soon as he saw that I was going there. However I got stopped in between (he didn't see me being stopped) and he went in first but later on he was behind me and he whistled very loudly at the reception area and I turned to see him.

2 days ago he saw me at the other building of our university and once again he was sitting outside and hanging around with friends until he suddenly got up and went into the same building he saw me in earlier. I was outside so I saw him. I dont know what he went to do but he came out within like 3-4 mins so not long.

So is this possible that he came to check if I was there for a talk etc or its just a coincidence?
He came for me?
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