I don't know what to do with this man-child?

I was in a situationship with a man 12 years older than me. We really have something special, and an amazing connection (we never really quite understood where we stood with each other all the time, as it was very intense). He was not ready to commit, and, as soon as he started to develop more, he ran like hell. He has been avoiding me and ignoring my texts a lot (even tough I wanted to keep being friends) and basically treating me like an idiot. But, you know this look in a man's eyes, when he is like: damn, why am I being such an idiot? Well, not only did he looked like that when i got to see him but also he has told me sometimes how much of a jerk he was being and how lucky he was with me. So, some weeks he would be very friendly and cute and caring and next week a complete man-child.
I decided to call it quits and ignore him because it was a waste of my time that I was trying to be a normal person to him and he didn't even know where dId I stand in his life.
Now he fucking asks me to call him, because he loves to talk to me. He asks for my adress to send me lttle cute gifts, he texts me when he is going to take a shower and so on, when two months ago and before I had to ask him because he wouldn't tell me anything even if I asked him (he knows I am not that much into texting, but It was mainly the only way to get to talk to him and catch up with him)
I hate this kind of things, as I am old enough to be tired of this kind of shit. He is very immature, so I do not know If he actually decided to grow up. I like to take things slow and with undesrtanding, and that is what I have been doing with him because he is a really genuine person when he has his guard down and I love him that way. But he also is used to lock his feelings a lot and put on a certain facade to protect himself.
Should I arrange a call with him, as he asked me to?
I don't know what to do with this man-child?
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