Does he only want me for sex? help please?

So I’m dating this guy who’s a police he’s married and so am I. He’s 25 and I’m 22. We’ve been out not so frequently cause we both are scared to go out publicly. But lately I’ve been feeling he’s obsessed with me sexually, he looks at me like a hungry Lion seeing at his pray. We see each other in his house or my house when our houses are alone. But not every time we see we have sex because I stablish limits and I’m not in the mood every time we see each other. On the other side he calls me every day and texts me nonstop. He likes to ask about my job, personal life, thoughts (I don’t like sharing my details neither) but he doesn’t like to share those details with me also. He’s not jelous one bit, he is very romantic in texts and always tells me he loves me but I’m not sure if he means it. He has a big pride and ego and he gets resentful when I disappear and don’t reply to his texts cause sometimes I feel I need my space. He gets very cuddly and happy when his with me and I can see that but I get suspicious because he’s always online in WhatsApp and it’s not with me because I always reply hours late.
Does he only want me for sex? help please?
He just wants sex
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Does he only want me for sex? help please?
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