Guys help me understand a man's version of depression?

My boyfriend has depression. His mom has cancer & has at least on month to live. He is depressed about this among other things like debt.

He has mix feelings for her though cuz she abandoned her children. He admitted to me that part of him wants her to die & the other doesn't. He says I care about him unlike his mom. I said it wasn't true she does but he said she only cares cuz she is dying.

He rarely speaks or responds to me unless I state I'm worried. I usually don't talk for like 3 days at a time. He doesn't really open up unless its f2f not phone. Its hard to get him to see me cuz he gets stressed a lot.

Last I checked on him he said "I'm fine..." So I sent a text telling him about good qualities he had, whoever put negative thoughts in him can fk themselves. That I can't undo what they did but I promised I would cherish & care him 4 the future. Not sure it help but he made a post on fb that was an inspiration quote about surviving the phases of life.

If any guys out there could help me get insight on how men feel when depressed & y he may not always respond to me that would be great. Looking for those who went through depression or are still, please.
Guys help me understand a man's version of depression?
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