Guys ! Forehead 💋?

Thank you Hey
Never been kissed so much by different men on the forehead this year , what's going on haha?

The first is my best mate (gay) he adores me and kissed me a couple of time on forehead

The 2nd is a man I have been sexually intimate with and deep emotional connection. He friendzoned me anyway after all. but has before in very emotional/tender moment , kissed me on forehead. He still has done it , in public with common friends etc around just a couple days ago.
The 3rd one is my COLD boss , a good man he is sorta emotionless , no display whatsoever. Very professional. Never do eye contacts with me or a dress to me directly (which I complain to him directly as it is quite rude during meeting. he apologized) He never do ANY favour for me , quite the opposite in fact. He easily blush. sometimes he dare looking in my eyes and it is very soft. I know he likes me romantically speaking , for a good while just as everyone else , but I thought it was not serious
But we went for drinks with world , we all had a few , a girl tried to go home with him at some point and he rejected it quite abruptly in front of me. he then decided to go home and while we never touch each other EVER , in front of everyone he kissed goodbye my forehead. It was very special , I suddenly felt a millions pieces of pure love in it. Literally.
Guys any thoughts on forehead kisses? What does it mean when you do it to a woman?
Guys ! Forehead 💋?
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