HELP ME! What do I do?

So I got this guy that we had a thing going on between us and shit I liked him and I still do but. Something happened I guess. I ended up sending him a nude and I really didn’t mean for it to go that far but it did.

He says he wants me then asks for sex and I tell him I’m not ready yet then he starts asking for more nudes and I’m telling him no. I told him he didn’t want me he just wanted my body.

Eventually I told him Gn and he argued but he fell asleep I guess. Ion know what to do somebody help me 😬 also he called me baby twice and said I had the perfect body and when I told him ask someone else he said I only want urs nobody else’s. What to do? Help
1 y
Does he want me for a relationship? Or does he want just my body and that’s it?
HELP ME! What do I do?
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