Question for the guys who take forever to text back?

I’ve been talking to a guy who texts me EVERYDAY, but takes like 6-8 hrs to respond (doesn’t leave me on read or anything like that). Like full on, enthusiastic texts that make it seem like he’s interested but like, it takes a week to finish one conversation aha. We went on our first date last Sunday, and really hit it off! Like he’s a pretty amazing guy. And he texted me a ton afterwards saying how we need to go out again ASAP and how he loved being around me etc. etc. which the feeling is mutual. But it’s just a pain that he takes forever to text back, but I know he’s busy and works 24/7 all week so I get it but I guess I’m just confused, or overthinking everything. Do any of you guys who take forever to respond truly like a girl, and why? Again, I figure if he wasn’t interested that the texts would be short, kinda plain. But he still keeps texting me, and is always wanting to know more about me and encouraging conversation. Just responds like once a day and always apologizes for it, even tho you can see he’s been active on like insta and Facebook throughout the day. SO confused.
Question for the guys who take forever to text back?
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