Does he still have feelings for his child’s mom?

My boyfriends kids mom won’t let him see his kid. It has been years. She just started letting his mom see his kid a year ago but not him. He has been away quite some time and will be back next month.

I asked him what are the chances she won’t let him see his daughter? He said 85% she won’t let me. Then he proceeds to talk about her husband and how he is broke and how she is the type to leave a guy who can’t do much for her and can’t stay with one person very long. She has like 4 kids, all different dads. She is married now though. He said who knows maybe she is still with him and she changed. Is this a red flag? In the beginning of our relationship two years ago, he talked about her all the time. They have been broken up for 8 years. Then when we fell for each other, he no longer brings her up. It has been a year and a a half since I heard about her. Until yesterday when I asked him that one question and he continued to talk about her and her husband.

Should I let it go and just trust my boyfriend or should I be worried? He said he doesn’t want anything to do with her and he just wants his kid. Do you see something wrong here that I don’t? Help!
Does he still have feelings for his child’s mom?
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