Do I have the right to ba mad at him? What should I do?

I'm sorry if this is too long but I want you to imagine the situation.

I've known this guy for 3 month from online we've never met cause we live in different countries.

We started as a friends and we were talking for 2 months almost everyday and I started to have feelings for him. He always says that i'm one of his best/closest friends. He talked to me about everything in his life.. his work, previous relationships, family etc. And he once said to a common friend how good looking I'm but not to me.

One day he told me that he had a crush on some girl so I was disappointed I told him i wish for him all the best and I cut all the communications between us just to reset my feelings.

Then I heard that he and that girl didn't't work out and we started to talk for more than a month EVERY SINGLE DAY. He texted me in a different way and i can feel it , also he send me some romantic songs. and in one day he said that he likes me.. I made it obvious i do too.
and his friend call me as "his girl"

He said that i'm very smart girl and he respects me and that i'm the one of the few people who look up to. we had fun together and we always laugh and we share a lot in common and i do love him!.

Today i heard that he had a sex with some girl and he found her attractive and he calls her "my girl"
I'm so mad at him! He made me think he liked me and now like it's nothing! I don't know if i have the right to be mad or not cause we're not dating but why playing with my feelings? What should i do cause this is the second time and it hurts me a lot. I feel like i'm stupid.
Do I have the right to ba mad at him? What should I do?
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