Is there any hope?

My ex and i broke up two months ago after being together over 2 years. We had a great relationship and were very close. We both envisaged a long future together. In march we had a large argument, basically it was my fault and spread over two days. It really hurt him and made him angry. He broke up with me a month later because he said he didn't feel the same after the argument and something didn't feel right. He said he tried for two weeks to shift the feeling but couldn't. He said he didn't know if the feeling would ever come back again but felt we needed to break up at that time during this two weeks we spent less time together (due to my work) and he started hanging around with a new group of friends from his workplace. they started going out more and spending a lot more time together and have since, they have even went on holidays together this week. He said he still cares about me (which I believe by his words and actions) and misses some of the things unique to us, but doesn't miss them enough to want to try again. He thinks of me on special occasions like exam results and even gave me a card to congratulate me on a new job. He wants us to be friends and keep in contact every few weeks. In addition he said he has never kept friends with any ex before he always immediately cut off but cares about me so much that he "left the door open" for me. The other day when I asked him to think of me during a sad anniversary coming up he said he thinks of me every day. I am slightly confused because he says he doesn't want me but clearly cares about me.
I feel that the relationship was becoming slightly stressful as I am grieving and when he started spending time with his new friends he got a new lease of life and it was fun hence why he was drawn to that. Is there any possibility he may come back in the future once the "new friends new happiness" fades? please advise
Is there any hope?
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