Is he trying to make me jealous? Do I still have a chance with him?

This guy and I used to have a thing for each other. Never slept together or hung out all the time. I was always busy with school, family, etc.
but we would talk endlessly for four months. I really liked him and cared about him.
Well we have been talking off and on. Not like before. I’ve been relentless. Like I won’t back off until he comes out and tells me to do so.
The other day we talked.
He wanted me to add him on snap and Facebook.
He asked when I’m going to see him.
He told me he wants me to sit on his face.
Wants me to send him pictures of myself.
He wanted my number again but I didn’t give it to him. I feel like he needs to address things before I give him my number or add him on social media.
He then left me on read and I said I know I’m prettier than any girl you’ve been talking to or seeing so you need to stop playing games and leaving me on read
He then said “you are hotter but you aren’t the one who is riding me”
I said “I’m not the one riding you but it seems like I’m the one you want to be riding you since you keep begging for it practically “
Then I said something else
And he was like
I gave up because you were always too busy to see me and made it inconvenient. So I gave up.
I then apologized and told him that what he said was true but I didn’t give up on him and I’d be willing to see him. Etc.
he hasn’t been online and hasn’t read my messages. I told him that if he has someone and wants me to back off he needs to come out and say it. I told him that I’m not going to leave him alone until he’s more clear because he’s sending mixed signals to me.
I also asked if there is a girl that he should get rid of her for me.
I feel like there’s hope but I didn’t do well by him when he was all about me and I would like to fix it.
1 y
Advice needed?
1 y
Is he trying to make me jealous? Do I still have a chance with him?
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