Why doesn’t he ask me out?

Or at least ask for my phone number? There’s this cute guy that I see every time I go to my local shopping center (he works there). And we always give each other eyes and little stares/glances lol
He’s super nice to me, he goes out of his way to make sure I get helped out. Like he’ll be on lunch break and he’ll see me walk up to get a refill and he’ll get up and help me himself and he’ll give me a flirty look when he grabs my drink. He compliments me and tells me I smell really good. When it’s him that takes my order his asks random questions even if there’s a huge line behind me. He asks if I’ve been to the carnival or asks if I work at the shopping center when he KNOWS I don’t. He leans into my personal space when he speaks to me, like the other day he told me he was gonna start giving me discounts and he remembers me because even if it’s not him takin my order he tells the guy at the register to give me the employee discount. And of course there’s smiles, glances and he tries to talk to me and gets all nervous when I’m around it’s kinda cute lol.
But it’s been about 6 months (we only see each other on weekends) that this has been going on, and I’ve noticed he does get a little braver with me each time we see each other He’ll make more convo, he’ll pay more attention to me. I don’t know if he’s waiting for a sign from me or what
1 y
He has a fiancé lmfao!!
Why doesn’t he ask me out?
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