I lied to my Ex, how can I tell him?


I had a short relationship with a guy. I have problems with lying because I have low self-esteem and I am suffering from severe social anxiety. He broke up with me because my feelings for him were obvious more intense and he felt that. Anyway, he was my first boyfriend and I was so devastated. I tried to manipulate him. I told him I would go to med school and move abroad, I told him I have a new boyfriend. He is way more successful then me. The truth is that he already finished his master and I am still finishing High School with 23 because I dropped out when I was 18. I am really going to University from September on but I already told these lies. I also stalked him on Facebook, but I dont now if he knows about it. I went to therapy and I didn't lie anymore since then. I stopped stalking him on social media. He is texting me from time to time, asking me to hang out. But I denied. I can't hang out with him and lie to him. That would make me so anxious. I feel so so ashamed about what I said to him and about my lies. I somehow couldn't accept his decision. But now I do. I just want to clear things, feel so so bad and stupid about myself. Do you think he will hate me? Do you think I should tell the truth or just say I am doing something different now, I dont have a boyfriend anymore?

Please, help me :(
I lied to my Ex, how can I tell him?
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