Should I ask him to hang out? Is he waiting for me or is he just not interested?

- We go to the same college, have same classes together.
- We've been talking for quite some time and got to know each other.
- He gives me signs of interest and I know that he likes me.
- He asked me to hang out (almost a month ago) but he hasn't made a move when we went out. And he didn't mention doing it again so far.
- Ever since, we've been chatting online (almost everyday) or in person during classes or breaks between them, and he still seems interested.
- We've had a lot to study for the past month and still do, but sure we could make the time to go out and see each other.

So, my question is, should I ask him to hang out or should I wait for him to invite me again?
The reason I'm not sure what to do is because when we were out, we talked about dating and relationships and he said something like (about his friend who hasn't made a move on a girl he likes) : "If you want something, you should take a risk and go for it, regardless of you being maybe insecure (because his friend kind of is insecure)".

Even if he thinks of me as just a friend ( and he said he likes talking with me and being around me ), wouldn't he want to spend time with someone he finds interesting? If so, then why he isn't asking me to hang out or something?

I really like him, and I'm afraid that this will fall apart but I'm also not confident enough to be 100% sure and make a move myself. Maybe the way I'm showing him interest is not effective and he thinks I'm just acting friendly, but for sure I wasn't acting cold or like I don't give a damn. So, what are you thoughts on this?
Should I ask him to hang out? Is he waiting for me or is he just not interested?
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