Does he have feelings for me?

During this Past year I met a guy let’s call him T. who I have a really strong connection with. We bonded and our bond was really strong, we went through a phase where I would have parties at my house and he would come most weekends. Because of this we really bonded.

We spoke all night and me and him ending up just staying together. We spoke about everything and we got really comfortable. We made out etc. After about 3 weeks of constant seeing each other once a week we had sex. I don’t regret it as I really like him.

The morning after we had it he kissed my forehead and said he wants to cuddle me. Before he left he looked me in the eyes and said to me ‘I’ve always got you, I hope you know that’ and then kissed me.

I spoken to him about it and it and he told me he didn’t want a relationship after like a month of seeing each other so i moved on to another guy let’s call him O. Me and him ended but still spoke. Anyways I had another party and invited the guy I used to see , he went on my phone and saw I was speaking to guys and just stared at me shaking his head.

Throughout the night he was following me everywhere, staring at me as if he loved me and kept hugging me and we ended up having sex again. He was telling me how he really likes me and how I’m the best female and how beautiful I am. He called me beautiful around 5 times.

The following day he posted ted a quote saying ‘when your so close to a girl she’s the only girl you find beautiful’ which I’m not sure if it’s about me.

So so I saw him the other day. Me , his friend and my friend met. His friend was asking me questions saying ‘please go out with him’ and stuff.

During the night T kept hugging me, putting his arm around me, saying I’m beautiful, he kept trying to get my attention. He saw me on my phone towards the end of the night as my ex ‘O’ text me. He said to me ‘who are you speaking to, other guys?’ And then took my phone off me.

please help me. Does he like me? I’m sooo confused.
Does he have feelings for me?
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