Am I wrong for not giving in to my boyfriend's restrictions?

How do I get over this?
I feel so heartbroken. My soon to be husband and I just ended things because we realized we are way too incompatible. He is extremelt traditional and has a certain vision of a lifestyle. At first I agreed to thinhs like not working and staying home and taking care of the kids but recently he started placing many restrictions such as enforcing gender roles and telling me what I can and cannot teach about my culture (we come from different cultures) to our future kids. I had a bad reaction to it and told him he is not allowed to dictate things like this. He broke up with me because I refused to listen and obey him. I am willing to comprimise but I just feel like he places a lot of restrictions which became too much hence why i sort of put my foot down. I know hehe doesn't want to go through with the break up but he wants me to apologize and tell him I will listen. I just feel like this isn't how a Marriage should be...
Am i in the wrong here?
I've tried reaching out to him and explaining my point of view but he believes all I did was argue and that I have a lot of pride. I feel like if i give in now then he will be evem more controlling after marriage?
Am I wrong for not giving in to my boyfriend's restrictions?
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