Men and expressing emotions?

Me and this guy are very close, he is my best friend and I love him but we live far apart for th moment. He has a hard time expressing himself but more or less started opening up about caring for me deeply, he is a nice shy guy but , like me, has been hurt in past so is afraid to love again.

Anyways he is the type of guy who has a hard time processing emotions and he exerts his frustrations in sometimes childish ways. Even I can be guilty of that.

Anyhow he sent me a ss of a tinder chick whom he obviously had no interest in, i like women too and we have same tastes.

But I feel like sometimes he will try to make me jealous or do something to try and irritate me wen he is upset/angry/sad/etc, but my question is why?

And why do some people use dating apps to 'troll' people?

Men and expressing emotions?
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