What does it mean when a guy holds a girl from behind and touches her abdomen?

Guys, what does/would it mean to you if you were to hold your girlfriend from behind and touch her abdomen? And she has an average body, no 6 packs to be mesmerized, but not so giggly that you would play with it.

I'm asking because my boyfriend does that to me. He's currently going to grad school and working, and I'm working full-time, still needs to get my Master's. We have not talked about, nor planned on having children at this time, but does that mean that he thinks that he envisions me being the mother of his children one day? Like how we always see a father-to-be touching his pregnant woman's abdomen from behind.

He's affectionate, so I don't know if that's just part of the way he is, or if it comes with meanings? I constantly complain about having fat layers on my abdomen that they cover my ab muscles (I've worked on my abs for years but they're deep down underneath), and I apparently don't like my abdomen, but my boyfriend doesn't seem to mind, and he would come behind me and touches my abdomen when I'm cooking or putting away stuff on the table.

I really like it when he does that (although I am embarrassed about having no obvious abs). Does it have special meanings when a guy touches a his girl's abdomen from behind?

I can't ask him if it means something, because certain things and meanings you're supposed to find out from others, not from your significant others, otherwise questioning can stop then from doing those things (Usually good things, because bad things you would directly communicate with your SO)
What does it mean when a guy holds a girl from behind and touches her abdomen?
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