Am I asking too much of my ex?

Am I asking too much of my ex?

I broke up with my ex a year ago. I had commitment issues and wanted him to find real stable love+our relationship was going downhill romantically.

He didn't have the best childhood and tried suicide before we met. We developed a really strong bond, and I told him I would always be there for him. 6 months ago, he got depressed over residual feelings. Even when I entered in a new relationship-I was there for him 100%.

He asked if we could meet in person for closure. I asked my boyfriend, he was cool with it. The night before we were gonna meet-my boyfriend flipped. I told my ex we couldn't meet, but I would still talk to him. My ex was angry at me. But I was there for him when he was going another depression bout (maybe 2-3 months ago)

I'm a very happy person but stress at home, work, and more have pushed me further than I've ever been pushed. I felt backed into a corner and like no one understood. He knew more about my private drama than anyone else.

And he's experienced dysfunctional crap before. I reached out to him even though he recently got into a relationship. I told him he could ignore me if he wanted to and he did... I later apologized for reaching out and said I didn't want to burden him. Still no response. I don't know why, but his ignoring me hurts really bad. I put my relationship on the line to make sure he was emotionally stable. I feel like he left me out to dry.

I feel like he was a hypocrite to get mad that I couldn't physically meet him when he won't even respond to an email for me. He's treating me strictly like a bad ex, cutting all ties when it's convenient for him but when he needed help, I was always there for him.

He was the only person I reached out to, and he didn't even care... the only one I didn't feel shame reaching out to.

Please no silliness like, "You broke up with him, what do you expect?" Just because you break up with someone doesn't make you a bad person.
You had his back multiple times in the past, he should have taken you seriously and tried to help you.
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Even if you had his back before, you really can't rely on others. Sometimes people change their mind.
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Am I asking too much of my ex?
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