Does it seem like he wants me or not?

I've been seeing this guy for a while. Our chemistry is perfect and its strange how much we seem to get each other. He has been the pursuer throughout the relationship and I've definitly held back more. But he has started talking about how he wants to marrying me and that he is finally going to file formal dkvorce papers, as him and his wife have been separated a few years and decided not to file for financial reasons. The since the weekend he said he was going to tell her about filing them which was two weeks ago he has been very distant and basically ghosted me, with the exception of three days in which he messaged me a few times. One of them basically said that he's sorry he's put me in the dark, and that he's just been going through a difficult time and is trying to "recompose himself", but that we are not over and its not ended and he loves me. And he wanted to know "how much i honestly loved him". So i felt reassured when he sent that and figured we were going to move on. But that was about 4 days ago and I've texted him a few times with no response. What is his deal? Is he too scared to dump me? Having cold feet? Overwhelmed, or what?
Yes but give him his space
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he's confused
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Does it seem like he wants me or not?
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