Why do guys think makeup is so deceiving?

You see pictures of these cake-faced girls without makeup, and people act all shocked like she lied about how hot she was.

Yet... it's very obvious that she's CAKE FACED?

I never got this concept. Men have to know that if a girl is caked in makeup that she doesn't actually look like that. How can you expect a cake face to still look like a cake face when the makeup is gone?

Also, how is it a lie if it's obvious she's caked in makeup?

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Also: can guys honestly not tell the difference between a natural girl's face and a girl caked in makeup? If makeup is the issue, why not go for girls who don't cake themselves in it?
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Final question: if makeup is an issue... why not just date girls who don't wear makeuplol?
Why do guys think makeup is so deceiving?
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