I told my boyfriend I dont want him anymore?

he's been asking me what' wrong as I've been distant with him now

And I told him you dont send me cute messages any more
We don't talk anymore

AMD he realised that he doesn't send me messages anymore
And thought he would do on the day after I told him
After he sent it I didn't reply as I know he's just doing it to keep me happy
I dont want that I feel like I've made him do it

And when I got home that day he was upset why didn't you reply

I said cause it feels like I' making you do this
Like where not close anymore
And he's like how
I said when' the last time you touched me he's like I don't know
I go exactly
You dont know

he's like but i tried to today
You pushed me off
I said.. yeah I dont feel comfortable with you touching me now. Everytime I tried with you you would reject me
Make me feel insecure fat gross unattractive
Why do you think I bought my toys
So I dont have to ask you
AMD when you did touch me it felt wrong like you didn't want to only to make me happy

I now feel really bad about speaking my feelings
But this is legit how I feel

This morning he wakes me up to a pat on the back

Did I just wreck everything
I told my boyfriend I dont want him anymore?
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