Does he like me back or not? wtf?

so, about a month ago i told this boy i like him. he has a girlfriend so i made it very clear that i only liked him and wasn't trying to get in the middle of his relationship. so, about two weeks into summer he texts me asking why i like him. i told him why i do and asked him why he needs to know. he kept messing around for a bit but i made him get it out. he had said "i just wanted to know and also guess why". i said, "uh cause you're tryna mess around w/ my heart?" and he said "no, i'd never do that to you. but guess again."

so i guessed again. i said "uh well cause you like me or something?" and he started messing around again until i settled him down. then, he told me he'd tell me how he felt before but not now. so i agreed to it. he told me "i like you. don't tell anyone". i said, "you have a girl tho" and he said "i didn't tell you about now"

please notice he said LIKE not LIKED or USED TO LIKE YOU.

what does this all mean?
Does he like me back or not? wtf?
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