My boyfriend and I bumped into a woman he was casually dating?

My boyfriend and i have been together for over a month. He broke up with his ex in January for external reasons. I met him in February and by the third week of March we were a couple. Today while in the store with my boyfriend we saw his ex.
So he walked over to her and said “hey” and they started talking so i continued to do my shopping while they were talking. After a couple of minutes i looked over towards them and he started teasing her a little. She was grabbing fruit and he would snatch the fruit from her and give it back and start laughing.
I went to the aisle nearest them and he was bringing up their old memories and heir little inside jokes. He then told her randomly “you need a longer shirt “ she said “ why is there something on my butt?, is my underwear showing or something” and he said “na“ and started smiling while kind of signaling to her butt size (he didn’t directly say her butt size but i could see where he was going with what he was saying) He asked her some job she had applied for and what was the status on it.
And basically they were joking in each other. He asked her about her glasses and she said she wears contacts now and he said “oh you’re just trying to show off that pretty face”. The whole time we were in the store he would randomly say things out of the ordinary to her to get her attention or say her name and just say something completely random that he could’ve kept to himself
My boyfriend and I bumped into a woman he was casually dating?
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