Boyfriend has no job except?

Okay so my boyfriend graduated last year from a reputed university. He moved back to Scotland but he hasn't found a proper job. He works as a bike mechanic for the last 6 months but he only works 3 days a week.
The rest of the week, he does nothing.

He was an extremely popular student and has loads of friends at his university so he spends most of his time at the university even though he doesn't study there anymore.
He is also highly political and radical and so are all of his friends and he's always involving himself in every political event at the university.

I really don't understand him. He's almost 23 now and he's graduated but he places no importance of major life priorities but spends most of his time involving himself with his friends and hanging around his old uni (most are younger than him, 22-21).

None of his friends have any substance and all spend their time planning protests and radical events but they dont practice what they preach.

What do I do in this case? Does he have any life priorities or he's just misguided?
Boyfriend has no job except?
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